7 Reasons You Shouldn’t Make Your Own Vape Juice

7 Reasons You Shouldn’t Make Your Own Vape Juice

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We’re a nation of DIYers, which means it can be tempting to recreate the e-liquids you would typically purchase from reputable e-liquid stockists in NZ. While many ingredients used to make vape juice are readily available to the general public, that doesn’t mean this is a task you should be undertaking on your own. 

If you’re still not convinced that you shouldn’t make your own vape juice, here are a few of the many reasons why you may like to reconsider. 

Nicotine Has to Be Handled Carefully

Consuming nicotine in its pure form can kill a human, which means it’s not a substance to be handled by an amateur. Even having pure nicotine touch your skin can result in some fairly uncomfortable chemical burns requiring medical care. 

As nicotine is included in the e-liquids you purchase pre-made, its dangers in pure form are generally not as well-known as they should be. While it may not lead to irritation or illness when vaped with other ingredients, its concentrated form makes it a much more significant risk. Avoid that risk by purchasing pre-made options instead. 

It’s Expensive

E-liquid manufacturers already have all the ingredients, equipment, and clean environments to create delicious vape juice flavours. If you were to create your own e-liquid to save money, you’d need to invest potentially hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in gear first. 

The amount of e-liquid you use on your own would mean that such a venture was not cost-effective. There are also four main ingredients in e-liquids that can be a lot of money to purchase, including vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, your preferred flavouring, and liquid nicotine. 

You Don’t Have Experience

If you can follow a basic biscuit recipe, you might think you’re more than capable of following an e-liquid recipe. The reality is that you need more than ingredients and a list of instructions to create safe vape juices. 

Most reputable e-liquid manufacturers have followed the latest research to ensure they use professional formulations with certified-safe ingredients. They also understand the most appropriate processes that allow for a vaping experience that’s safer than smoking. 

There’s a High Risk of Contamination

Most of the best e-liquid manufacturers use clean rooms to produce high-quality e-liquids. Clean rooms allow for a reduced risk of contamination, which may be hard to avoid if you’re trying to make it in the comfort of your own home. 

While creating vape juice, unclean workspaces and equipment can mean that the resultant vape juice is not safe for use. 

Your Own Creation Isn’t Regulated

A lot of work goes into formulating an e-liquid recipe that has a balance of ingredients that most people find enjoyable. It can be hard to be as precise when you’re trying to make vape juice yourself for the first time. 

You may not get the ratios right, leading to a poor-quality vaping experience, and you may also not know what quantities of each ingredient you have used once the e-liquid has been made. Early studies looking at homemade e-liquid deduced that some of them contained more nicotine than the user intended, which can be a safety issue when high volumes of nicotine can lead to poisoning. 

There’s a Safety Risk

The safety risk doesn’t just exist in the dosage of the ingredients you use but also in the environment and products you’re using. If you live with children and pets, having pure nicotine and other ingredients lying around your house can pose a safety risk. 

If you’re not storing these ingredients and the final product in child-proof containers, there’s also a poisoning risk that is less likely to exist with pre-made products from reputable manufacturers. Most e-liquid bottles come with child-safe lids that require you to push down and turn to open. 

It Takes Time

Free time is something many of us lack. When it comes to any task in life, we want to take the most convenient and quickest route to save time. Making your own e-liquid is certainly not going to save you time. 

Not only do you have to research how to make e-liquid, but you also have to purchase the ingredients in stores or online, wait for them to arrive, then create an e-liquid you’re not guaranteed to like in the process of trial and error. 

It takes far less time to purchase e-liquid online, which you also may stand a better chance of enjoying. You simply find an e-liquid stockist online, add your preferred flavour to your shopping cart, then wait for it to arrive in the mail. Even with courier delays, this can generally be a much more convenient way to obtain your e-liquids. 

Purchase E-Liquids Today

DIY vape juice requires the utmost care, and there can be so much involved in creating a safe product. Bypass all that hassle and frustration by purchasing trusted, reputable, pre-made e-liquids in a variety of delightful flavours today.