How to Tell You’ve Purchased Low-Quality E-Liquid

How to Tell You’ve Purchased Low-Quality E-Liquid

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If you havn’t been vaping for a long time, or you don’t typically pay much attention to your e-liquid, it’s not always easy to tell if what you’re using is a high-quality product. 

You might have based your decision on what a friend has recommended, or you simply shopped online for a specific flavour, rather than paying attention to where it’s from. 

If you’d like to make sure that you only ever buy premium e-liquids in NZ, then read on. Here are some of the many telling signs that the vape juice you’ve purchased is inferior. 

Your Vape Devices Keep Getting Damaged

Even if you buy the highest-quality vape devices available, inferior vape liquids can do a number on them. You may notice that you’re going through more coils than you usually do – and your finances aren’t happy about it. 

While vaping is far cheaper than smoking, you still don’t want to buy any more coils than necessary. If you do notice that you’re replacing them more often, consider whether your e-liquid is as superior as you thought it was. 

However, that’s not all the damage a poorly-made e-liquid can do. It can also lead to corrosion and even a cracked tank. Sometimes, issues such as these relate to sweeteners like sucralose being used in the e-liquids. 

It Smells Bad

Your chosen e-liquid should smell like the flavour listed on the bottle. For example, Granny Smith Apple e-liquid should smell like granny smith. If you notice an off or awful smell, it could be related to the quality of the nicotine, vegetable glycerine, and/or propylene glycol. 

Your E-Liquid Doesn’t Taste Nice

You might think that burnt-out coils are to blame for a less than desirable vaping experience. While it’s true that coils can alter the taste of your vape juice, it’s not the only reason. Sometimes, low-quality nicotine and inferior ingredients and flavours can also be to blame. 

If you can’t quite put your finger on why your e-liquid doesn’t taste nice, try another brand from a different supplier, and see if you can notice an improvement. 

You Can See Floaties

Take a look at your bottle of e-liquid. Is it pure? Or does it have tiny particles floating around the inside? One of the most prominent signs that your e-liquid hasn’t been produced to a high standard is the presence of small floaties. 

These tend to point to an impurity or poor quality control. Refrain from using e-liquid with floaties and, instead, purchase a high-quality e-liquid from a supplier you trust. 

The Labelling Doesn’t Look Professional

While poor-quality labelling isn’t always reflective of an inferior-quality vape juice, the two can sometimes go hand in hand. If a company hasn’t invested much into their image or reputation, then they may not have invested much into their e-liquid production, either. 

Look out for paper labels that appear to be made of plain copy paper. Take note of the design and print quality, spelling and grammar, and even information relating to the e-liquid. 

Vape liquid labelling should also come with warnings, an ingredient list, nicotine strength, and other helpful information. 

Customer Service is Lacking

Customer service is not always reflective of a poor-quality e-liquid, but it can undoubtedly shed light on whether your inferior product is a one-off or “the norm” for that particular company. 

Can you find contact information? Do they reply to your request for information? At a minimum, an e-liquid company should try and rectify any issues you may have with their product. If they don’t or don’t respond to your queries, there’s a high chance your dissatisfaction is not a rare occurrence. 

Not Low-Quality, But Stale

There are definitely signs indicating that your chosen e-liquid supplier hasn’t invested heavily in producing a quality product. Although, there are also signs to suggest that your high-quality product has simply gone stale or expired

When not stored correctly or not vaped for some time, e-liquid can have many of the signs mentioned above. 

The viscosity can change, as can the smell. You may even notice that your vaping experience isn’t as pleasant. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to stop your e-liquid from going stale, such as buying smaller bottles to use faster, storing it out of direct sunlight and out of vehicles, and taking note of the manufacturing date. 

Buy High-Quality E-Liquid

Whether you buy freebase e-liquid or nicotine salts, it’s always a good idea to purchase from reputable suppliers. They understand the importance of a quality product and only stock brands they know and trust. 

The next time you purchase vape juice, don’t be afraid to explore their website and find out all about them. It also doesn’t hurt to read reviews. By doing so, you can have complete peace of mind that you’re set up for a memorable vaping experience.