Storing Your Vape E-Liquids for Ultimate Freshness

Storing Your Vape E-Liquids for Ultimate Freshness

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Think back to when you first transitioned from smoking to vaping. You may have made a few mistakes along the way, but you sure learned a lot about the flavours you liked, the vape products you preferred, and the nicotine strength you needed. 

There is one thing you may not have learned, except by accident, and that’s how storage can impact the freshness of your chosen e-liquid. It’s only when it tastes funny, looks dark, and doesn’t offer that intense nicotine hit that you realise you’ve done something wrong. 

Yes, there is a right and wrong way to store your e-liquid. Keep it fresher for longer by doing these things below. 

Know Which Storage Containers Work Best

When you start shopping for e-liquids online in NZ, you will find they come in two storage types: glass and plastic bottles. Both are absolutely fine for storing your e-liquid short-term, but long-term can be a different story. 

Some plastic types can degrade if you buy e-liquids in bulk and store it in the open for an extended period. If there is air in the bottle, then you can also increase the chances of oxidisation. You can combat this problem by squeezing the air out of the bottle or storing it in a smaller container. 

Alternatively, you can buy glass bottles for vape liquid storage. Glass bottles with a dark tint can also stop light from affecting the e-liquid. 

Store in a Cool, Dark Place

If you take a look at the labelling of many bottles and cans of sauces and dressings, you will see words like “store in a cool, dark place” or “store in a cool, dry place”. The same recommendations apply for e-liquids. 

Vape liquids are not huge fans of light, air, and heat. When it’s exposed to these things, the molecules start to change. The flavour might change as a result, and even the nicotine strength can be altered. Air can also cause oxidisation, which is noticeable by the e-liquid’s dark colour and stale flavour. 

You can avoid many of these issues by storing them somewhere that sees minimal light and doesn’t offer too much exposure to heat or air. A cupboard or drawer may be suitable. By storing in this way, your e-liquid can maintain its integrity for up to two years

It’s also worth pointing out that some people store their e-liquid in the fridge. We don’t tend to advise this. The oily base of e-liquid can lead to a change in texture. You may also notice condensation in the bottle that may lead to bacterial growth. 

Mix It

Many people buy their e-liquids of choice in bulk to save on shipping fees. While that can be quite smart, it does mean you need to put extra thought into making sure your e-liquid lasts the distance. Every 3-4 weeks, give your bottles a gentle shake to stop the ingredients from separating. Be careful not to over-shake, as this can lead to oxidisation. 

Store in Pure Form

Mixing and matching bases and flavours can be quite exciting. You get to try new flavours by merely working with standard flavours that your chosen e-liquid shop offers. In saying that, it’s a good idea not to mix them for long-term storage. Closer to the time, you can blend them together. Otherwise, you run the risk of welcoming air into your e-liquid bottles. 

How Long Does E-Liquid Last?

A commonly asked question by vapers is, how long does E-liquid last? When you follow these tips above, longer than you might think. Many flavours can last up to two years. However, fruity, sweet juices don’t tend to last as long as tobacco and heavy flavours. 

E-liquids in tinted glass bottles may also last longer than those in plastic containers. Once again, by following correct storage techniques, you can extend your vape juice’s lifespan. 

Storing E-Liquid Safely

Storing your e-liquid for ultimate freshness is one thing, but what about storing for safety? Concentrated nicotine can be harmful to small children, and can lead to nicotine poisoning. Therefore, storing for safety as well as freshness can be crucial. 

Only store your e-liquid in approved bottles with child-safe lids. Keep them out of reach of children and pets, even with those lids. This might be a high shelf, lockbox, or a high cupboard. 

It’s even important to take care when throwing away empty bottles that may contain residue. Wrap them up and store them out of easy reach in the rubbish bin. Alternatively, throw them directly into your wheelie bin. 

Store Right and Improve Your Vaping Experience

If you want to make sure your vaping experience is as desirable as possible, then storage counts for a lot. Take note of these tips above and enjoy fresh, delicious vape juice for up to two years.