Tasting E-Liquid In Your Mouth?

Tasting E-Liquid In Your Mouth?

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When you purchase an e-liquid flavour like cherry cola or vanilla cupcake, you expect each draw to taste like those very things, with the vapour leaving a slight hint of them in the air. You know that e-liquid in its liquid form won’t taste exactly like the real thing, and that you need it to be vaporised to get the full experience. 

However, from time to time, you may notice that the occasional draw leaves you with e-liquid in your mouth that you possibly weren’t expecting. What causes it, and what can you do about it? 

Why Do I Taste E-Liquid In My Mouth?

After taking a drag and tasting the bitterness of unvaporised e-liquid in your mouth, you might be wondering what on earth is happening. Why do you taste e-liquid in your mouth? 

The two most common reasons for this are a problem with your hardware or the way you’re vaping. Sometimes, you may experience e-liquid in your mouth after recently filling your tank. In that case, you may notice the problem fixes itself pretty quickly. 

Should I Be Worried About Tasting E-Liquid In My Mouth?

There is generally nothing to worry about if you get a small amount of e-liquid in your mouth. However, it’s important to remember that it’s not sold or designed for use in its liquid form. 

When it’s liquid, both the flavouring and nicotine are highly concentrated. Direct consumption of e-liquid may lead to a few side effects like light-headedness, dizziness, and nausea.

As soon as you notice that e-liquid is leaking from your vape product into your mouth, start figuring out why that is and refrain from using it in the meantime. If you have a backup device or a single-use vape, now might be the right time to put it into action. 

Let Your Tank Warm Up

After you refill your tank, it can be tempting to go right back into vaping as you did before you topped it up. However, your tank actually needs some time to warm up since it’s now full with fresh, room temperature vape liquid. 

When you take sharp hits, you’re not giving your device enough time to turn the e-liquid into vapour. As a result, you might experience some unvaporised e-liquid mixed in with vaporised e-liquid when you take your drag. 

To avoid this, take long, slow drags when you refill the tank. You may then notice fewer instances of liquid in your mouth over time. 

Look For Leaks

If you know you’re not impatient and give your vape device all the time it needs to heat up, then look for leaks. If you notice a leak, there can be a few different causes. 

You might have filled your e-juice tank incorrectly or too much. Or, you didn’t tighten your hardware enough, and liquid had a way to get out while you vaped. Some people even accidentally over-tighten their hardware, which causes the small rubber rings that create the seal to become damaged and no longer fit for use. 

Your E-Liquid Isn’t Compatible

We understand – choosing the right e-liquid for the right vape can be hard work. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by all the options and think they all work in all devices. 

Sometimes, e-liquids that don’t work too well with your device can end up in your mouth. It helps to understand the differences between vape juice types to learn what the problem may be. 

For example, vape juice with high PG content tends to be quite flavoursome but also thin. High VG vape juice is thicker and can take longer to soak into your coil wicking material. Sometimes, the thinness of the high PG vape means that there’s a higher risk of oversaturating the coil, leading to too much liquid for it to vaporise without at least some ending up in your mouth. 

Your Vape is a Mess

If you’ve shaken your vape around, gone on a flight, stored it upside down, or something similar, it’s only natural for e-liquid to end up where it possibly shouldn’t be. As it settles, you may still find that e-liquid ends up in your mouth on those first couple of draws. 

If you can, take a moment to clean your vape and refill the tank. The cleaner it is, the more pleasant your vaping experience can be. 

Get to the Bottom Of Your Vape Problems With Expert Help

You’re not going to know everything there is to know about vaping from day one. Sometimes, you only learn something new through making mistakes. 

If you’re having a hard time combating a problem or you need a solution to an issue you’ve been having, ask for help. Vape and e-liquid experts are ready and waiting to assist with any problems you’ve been having. There’s almost nothing they can’t help with!