Tips for Vaping in the Winter

Tips for Vaping in the Winter

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Many cigarette smokers who made the switch to vaping get to enjoy a whole host of benefits. Of course, one of the main ones is the reduced harm to your body, but that’s not all. 

Remember what it used to be like to have to brave rain, hail, and snow just to have a quick cigarette? As long as you have permission to vape inside by a building or business owner, those days are over. 

Still, that doesn’t mean wintry weather doesn’t affect your vaping experience. But instead of the weather affecting you, it can actually affect your vape product. Read on to find out how. 

It Can Cause Problems With Your E-Cigarette Battery

Who would have thought that a wintry spell could affect your vape products? We know that winters can be harsh in New Zealand, particularly in the deep south, but surely not enough to be of detriment to your vape! 

As it turns out, they can be. 

We’ll try not to bore you too much with the technical details, but it helps to know. Electricity consists of a circuit with a flow of electrons. They are easier to get flowing when there is a higher level of energy. However, when a battery is cold, that energy level is much lower. 

As a result, you have to use a lot more energy to charge your Lithium-ion battery. These battery types operate at their best between -20°C – 60°C, Higher or lower temperatures can cause irreversible damage and performance degradation. 

So, what does that mean for your E-cigarette? Your battery may have reduced capacity and a drop in voltage. Over time, you will need to charge it more often. 

Fortunately, winter doesn’t have to rain on your parade if you make a smart change. Before you start charging your battery, keep it in your pocket to bring it up to an ideal temperature. 

It Can Wreak Havoc on Your E Liquid

There are many reasons why it’s not recommended that you create your own e liquids. The first is, of course, that it’s more convenient and easier to buy it. But the second is that there is a lot of science involved. Once again, we will try not to bore you with too many details. What you do need to know is that cold e liquid = bad. 

E liquids have propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine. Given that propylene glycol (which is non-toxic), is used in anti-freeze, you can rest assured that it won’t be a problem in sub-zero temperatures. But vegetable glycerine just might be. 

Pure vegetable glycerine freezes at a surprising 13.3 degrees. That would mean that any 100% pure VG e liquid would freeze in nearly every region in NZ during winter. When VG is mixed with PG, though, that freezing point becomes a bit less worrisome. 

But even if it doesn’t freeze, that doesn’t mean the e liquid quality doesn’t change in winter. Cold e liquid can be more viscous than room temperature e liquid. It then doesn’t wick as easily, and you could end up with a pile of burnt-out cotton wicks. 

There are two ways you may like to combat this problem. Keep your vape pen in your pocket to keep the e liquid at room temperature. You can also use a cold-resistant dripper. Fortunately, most homes in NZ won’t plummet to the temperatures needed to freeze e liquids. 

It Can Cause Mouth Discomfort

The battery and e liquid are two parts of your vape kit that can bring about some concern in sub-zero temperatures. But failure to think about your drip tip could land you in a spot of bother. If you live in one of the coldest parts of the country, then this piece of advice is mainly for you. 

If you know your vape pen is cold, then don’t put your lips around the drip tip until you’re sure it’s not too cold. The drip tip is smaller than your vape pen and can become far colder than the rest of your device.

Given that many drip tips can be metal, they can also cool down far quicker than, say, plastic. Cold metal on sensitive lip skin is no one’s idea of a good time. Consider a non-metallic drip tip for those colder months of the year. 

Vape Year-Round with Confidence

We are fortunate to live with reasonably mild weather conditions – if you can call annual averages of 10-16 degrees mild. Still, there are often days where sub-zero temperatures greet us in the mornings and into the early evening. It’s during these periods that being careful with vaping can serve you well. 

Keep your battery at room temperature before you charge it, store your e liquid appropriately, and think about your drip tip. You can then vape year-round with confidence!