Bogan Brews Salt

Release your inner bogan with one of E Liquid NZ’s newest ranges – Bogan Brews. We won’t discriminate against anyone who isn’t a bogan buying them, but we believe they’re a match made in heaven for those bogans who walk among us! 

This range of nicotine salts from Bogan Brews includes Bloody Ripper, Six N Out, Ridgy Didge, and The Ducks Nuts. You can purchase them in 30mL bottles with a nicotine strength of 20mg and 35mg. What are you waiting for? Be an out and proud bogan today!

What bottle sizes can you buy in the Bogan Brews range at E Liquids NZ?

In the Bogan Brews range, we offer 30mL bottles of all e-liquids flavours.

Which flavours from Bogan Brews does E Liquids NZ stock?

We like to offer our customers as much variety as possible! That’s why we’ve got four great flavours – Bloody Ripper, Ridgy Didge, Six N Out, and The Ducks Nuts.

Out of the whole range, what nicotine strengths are available?

All four available flavours come with 35mg and 20mg nicotine strength options.