Creamy Flavours

Smooth and delicious, creamy eliquids dance on your tongue with more complexity and depth than other eliquid types. For lovers of cream and caramel, we have a broad range of milky based flavours you will love. These dessert flavours will satisfy your cravings! 

What creamy flavour options does Vapourium offer?

We’ve got something for everyone! Explore the world of the banana split, Hasseltoff, vanilla, cream, cupcake, custard, blueberry shortcake, and even rice pudding! There’s a massive range of options. If you’re not sure what to expect, just ask us!

What size options do you stock?

We’ve got a vast range of sizes to suit various vapers. Our bottles start as small as 30mL, but we also offer 60mL and 120mL options, depending on the vape liquid you choose.

What nicotine strengths do you have in the creamy range?

We’ve got a significant variety of nicotine strengths to suit all manner of vapers. Depending on which flavour you prefer, you can typically find nicotine-free vapes all the way through to 24mg and beyond.