Fruity Flavours

Tobacco got you into this mess, now you can forget about it with these delicious flavours. Exciting Fruity flavours that keep your tastebuds happy available in a huge range so you can find your favourite flavours in an e-liquid form. Whether you like tangy, sweet, sour or zesty e-liquid, we have something for you! Kick the habit for good with a vape you love! 


What kind of fruity flavours do you stock?

We’d proud to offer a variety of options for sweet-toothed vapers. Cream, blueberry shortcake, fruits, and more, are all part of our range.

What size options in the fruity flavour range do you stock?

Stock up for a short while or a long while! We’ve got size options from 30mL to 120mL.

How long will it take for my e-liquid to arrive?

We aim for overnight delivery to main centres. However, if you live rurally, please allow an additional 2-3 days. Rest assured we are working as fast as we can!