Fusion Juice Japan

An exciting range of sweet, refreshing e-liquids imported from Japan. One of the few brands manufactured outside the USA, these insanely tasty e-liquids have a unique approach to flavour, bringing you authentic Japanese flavours. You must try the Kishu Plum e-liquid! It's one of our most favourite liquids of all time! 


Where are Fusion Juice Japan flavours from?

We import them from Japan. They are one of the few brands manufactured outside of the USA.

What Fusion Juice e-liquid flavours are available?

We stock various options, such as Tokyo Ramune Pineapple, Tokyo Ramune Strawberry, and Kyoto Matcha Latte, just to name a few.

What nicotine strengths are available?

Our Fusion Juice range varies from 0mg up to 6mg.