Stratus Pods

Everything Stratus right here! 

The Stratus Pod Kit comes with 3 flavours to get you started. You can replacement pod packs in 4 packs here, along with the premium ODE tobacco range.

ODE is a naturally extracted tobacco range developed by former smokers for smokers as the most realistic tobacco e-liquid experience for people looking for a less harmful alternative without being too sweet! 

For lovers of sweeter eliquids, try ANZAAC, Blackcurrant or Ice Cucumber!

How many pods do you get in a pack?

How Stratus pod packs come with four pods in a pack.

How many flavours are there within the Stratus range?

We’ve got a variety of standout flavours to choose from, including tobacco flavours, ANZAAC, ice cucumber, and Kentucky gold.

What pod system are Stratus pods suitable for?

Our Stratus pods are suitable for the Stratus pod kit, which comes with the pod, battery, pre-filled cartridge system, and a micro USB charger.