Tobacco Flavours

Looking to kick the habit without kicking the flavour? has a carefully selected collection of  tobacco e liquids which are true to tobacco or more tobacco flavoured. Tobacco e liquid notes are generally smoky, bitter, mentholated or smooth and are available in nicotine salt, freebase and nicotine-free varieties. 

Vape juice with tobacco flavours are ideal if you are cutting down or quitting smoking, or if you prefer a more serious eliquid opposed to the sweeter flavours more common in the vaping market. 

Enjoy products like the Ode Arbores that stays away from using artificial flavourings and sweeteners for a true smoky experience that relies on a natural extraction process for an authentic experience. Or try the Gold Leaf Green Cedar nicotine salts that combine the robust taste of tobacco with a hint of menthol for a quality all-day vape experience.

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What range of tobacco flavoured eliquids is available?

We can offer you a range of eliquids with smoky, bitter, smooth, or mentholated flavours in freebase, nicotine salt, and nicotine-free varieties.

Why choose tobacco-flavoured eliquids?

If you are cutting down smoking or quitting smoking, then tobacco-flavoured eliquids might help you do so. Tobacco-flavoured eliquids don’t tend to be as sweet as other flavours.

What else do I need apart from tobacco-flavoured eliquid?

You can also purchase a starter kit with a vape product and accessories. Once purchased online, we aim to deliver overnight or within 2-3 days if rural.