Unflavoured Nicotine

These nicotine doublers are for Australian customers only. 

Doublers are designed to be diluted with a non-nicotine containing e-liquid. The doublers come in a range of different concentrations and are packaged with instructions for mixing, gloves and an empty syringe for dosing.  

As concentrated nicotine is highly toxic, this is only offered to Australian customers in states which prohibit the sale of nicotine-containing eliquids. Check your state laws to ensure you are allowed to import nicotine before purchase. 

Who Can Buy Unflavoured Nicotine?

We offer unflavoured nicotine to our Australian customers in states that prohibit the sale of E liquids containing nicotine.

What Do I get in My Purchase of Unflavoured Nicotine?

You receive unflavoured nicotine, instructions for mixing, an empty syringe, and gloves. The doublers are also available in a variety of concentrations.

What Concentration Levels of Unflavoured Nicotine Can I Buy?

We offer 120mL bottles of 50:50 VG/PG, 100% PG, 100% VG, and nicotine salt 100% VG. Please get in touch if you’re not sure which option is right for you.