Vorteke Disposable Vapes

There’s nothing worse than being away from home, only to realise your vape is flat, has run out of e-juice, or is just plain lost! Fortunately, by arming yourself with a back-up Vorteke, you can be more than prepared for those challenging situations. 

These single-use pods in mango, banana, tobacco, melon, and mint are pre-charged, pre-filled, and ready to act as your back-up vape on the go! The battery has enough charge for up to 1,500 puffs and will hold around 6mL of 50mg e-liquid of your chosen flavour. 

Compared to similar-priced single-use devices on the market, the Vorteke lasts up to four times longer! When you’re finished with your device, simply send it back to us in the provided return bag for recycling.


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What is the Vorteke?

The Vorteke is a single-use pod that comes pre-filled and pre-charged. The battery has enough charge for around 1,500 puffs and holds 6mL of 50mg e-liquid.

What flavour Vortekes are available?

We’re not going to leave you high and dry when you need a back-up vape! Our Vortekes come in a range of delicious flavours like mango, tobacco, melon, mint, and banana.

What is the nicotine strength of the Vorteke?

Our entire range has a 50mg/mL nicotine level and is ready to use straight out of the box!