The Eliquid Buyers Club

The Buyers Club acts as an agent for The Club's members to obtain products and/or services for personal use. As a club member an individual can purchase e-liquid for personal use in a suitable vapouriser.

Trust in e-liquid made by the Buyers' Club.

Our systems and processes are first-rate and we believe our products are as good as any you can find world-wide.

  • Samples from all batches of e-liquid are kept for 10 years.
  • Every batch of e-liquid made is quality checked.
  • Every bottle of e-liquid is batch numbered so we know what day it was made on, what batch it was made in and what it was made with.
  • Only pharmaceutical or food grade ingredients from trusted suppliers are used.
  • All our e-liquid is mixed and bottled in an ISO class 8 certified clean room. It's a controlled environment that keeps unwanted contaminants out. This ensures we make you the safest and most hygienic eliquid possible.

We do all this because we're passionate about vaping. What it can do for you, your whanau, your community and the whole of New Zealand. We want to deliver the best, safest and most reliable eliquid so you can have the most successful vaping experience possible.

Our Vegetable Glycerin is organic and not derived from Palm oil.

All our flavours are max VG. This means we add no propylene glycol to the eliquid, there will however be a small amount of propylene glycol in it as the flavour concentrates come in propylene glycol. Our eliquid is made from organic, non palm derived vegetable glycerin, food grade flavouring, and possibly nicotine if you have chosen that option.

Our flavours are all made in our juice lab in Dunedin New Zealand! We pride ourselves in the most original and tasty flavours to keep your vaping experience fresh.

We plan on adding new flavours from week to week, as we are 100% dedicated to you enjoying the tastiest clouds ever to leave the land of the long white cloud.