What is Nicotine Salt? 

Nicotine Salt is an alternative to regular "freebase" nicotine. The chemical structure is slightly different from freebase nicotine allowing for a faster release into the bloodstream and higher nicotine dose which may be useful for people struggling with cravings.

Nicotine salt is also a lot smoother to vape, 25mg nicotine salt feels like regular freebase 9mg. Nicotine Salt strengths can go all the way up to 50mg, whereas freebase nicotine rarely exceeds 18mg. 

Nicotine Salt eliquid is more commonly aimed towards restricted mouth to lung, or pod devices. Nicotine Salt eliquid pairs perfectly with devices like the Rofvape Pea or Vaporesso Orca Solo.

While Freebase Nicotine generally tastes better at low strengths vaped at higher wattages thus producing more vapour, a similar experience can be had with a lower wattage and less vapour using nicotine salt. 

This makes Nicotine Salt a great option for people who dont want to carry around a bulky device, and would prefer a smaller vape easily held between the fingers that produces a discrete amount of vapour. 

Nicotine Salt Eliquid also has a longer shelf life than regular eliquid, so it wont lose taste over time or develop a harsh aftertaste. 

We do not recommend using higher strength Nicotine Salt eliquid in sub ohm devices. 

Benefits of Nicotine Salt

  • Higher strengths ideal for use in Pod Systems or Mouth To Lung Devices
  • Less harsh than regular eliquid
  • Faster nicotine absorption
  • Longer shelf life into bloodstream