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26650 Heatshrink Battery Wraps - 10 Pack

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26650 Vape Battery Wraps

Heatshrink battery wraps for 26650 batteries, 10 per pack.

26650 Heatshrink Battery Wraps can be applied safely using a hairdryer.

Handy Tips

Be careful when handling un-wrapped batteries, and dont forget to re wrap your plastic insulator ring on the positive of your battery. Keep unwrapped batteries away from moisture and metallic objects.

For the most consistent wrap, place the battery wrap around the unwrapped battery, place the insulator ring around the battery and start by heating the middle of the battery and work towards the ends. 

If you are unsure about re-wrapping your batteries yourself, pop into one of our stores and speak with one of our counter staff, or contact our customer service team via Facebook messenger, email or phone.