Aotearoa E-Juice - Cherry Cola - 10 Pack

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NZD 115.00
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Perfect Combination Of Sweet And Sour

Our delicious Cherry Cola eliquid is available in a variety of sizes and strengths and is perfect for those vape enthusiasts who enjoy the taste and fizz of soft drinks. This quality e juice is the perfect combination of sweet and sour, and is available online from our vape shop when you become a member of the Buyers Club.

Aotearoa E-Juice is a new range of tasty flavours made from quality ingredients, by Aotearoa Vape Supply in NZ's first clean room for an affordable price.

These popping juices are suitable to be used on all vape devices from pen to subohm tank. They come in a variety of options so there is something for everyone. Cherry Cola is Max VG and is available in 30ml and 120ml only.  


Cherry Cola is available in 5 different strengths. It is Max VG making it thicker consistency than some eliquid, giving it great flavour and thick vapour. 

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This Eliquid is available in a bulk 10 pack, save 25%!