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Caffiend - Flavoured Vape Juice

Do you fiend for Coffee? Is it a taste that you crave all day? Here is a coffee flavour that is smooth and creamy. Like a milky sweet coffee, with a dash of caramel, that hits the spot. At Vapourium we pride ourselves on fresh tasty coffee. We won't drink something that tastes like burnt instant so we certainly don't want to vape juice that also tastes like cheap coffee. We have spent a long time perfecting this fresh coffee flavour for you, so you don't have to either. This Is a 60/40 VG/PG ratio juice that delivers lots of clean flavour. It is designed to vape best up to 100watts but we have some customers who still like to go above that. Caffiend does not contain caffeine. 

Please Note: Caffiend has been reformulated to align with the Feb 11th 2022 changes to NZ's vaping laws, and may differ from the Caffiend you've vaped in the past.


Caffiend is available in 3 different sizes and 4 different strengths. Our VG60/PG40 range has been designed to accommodate our customers that want PG heavier e-liquid. PG is runnier so it is ideal to use in smaller devices such as e-cigarettes and pen vapes that have smaller coils. A higher level of PG also gives more of a throat hit to the vape flavour. PG is used as a base for the flavour and carries and holds it for longer than a VG heavy juice so these new additions to our range have a clean strong flavour that will last and last. Although 60/40 PG/VG juice is ideal for smaller vapes we have designed these vape juices so that it still tastes awesome on stronger devices, bigger tanks and RDA's.

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All our eliquid is made to the highest standards in our Class 7 ISO 146441:1, 14644:3 clean room.