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March 28, 2023 (12mg/30ml)
March 28, 2023 (18mg/30ml)

Sweet As

This e-liquid is like a $1 mixture from the dairy, blent (for the uninitiated, blent is blended in hip speak). Lots of sweet marshmallows with gummy lollies, zesty fruit chews, a little caramel and a tasty hint of liquorice allsorts left on the tongue. If you have a sweet tooth and want a candy juice with no bitter notes, then this one is sweet as. 

Aotearoa E-Juice is a new range of tasty flavours made from quality ingredients, by Aotearoa Vape Supply in NZ's first clean room for an affordable price.


Vanilla Cupcake is available in 5 different strengths. It is 60/40 VG/PG (Vegetable Glycerin / Proplyene Glycol) making it thinner in consistency than some eliquid, making it great for use in starter kits and smaller tanks. 

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This Eliquid is available in a bulk 10 pack, save 25%! 


All our eliquid is made to the highest standards in our Class 7 ISO 146441:1, 14644:3 clean room.