Easypuff Vapors - Boss Blend - 30ml

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EasyPuff Boss Blend Premium E-Juice is the smooth and rich, high-end tobacco flavour that you have been waiting for. Bottled in 30ml packs, the Boss Blend e-juice is a premium blend that brings to you the smooth taste of Virginia tobacco. The bright overtones of the tobacco e-juice are beautifully backed by the rich taste of the flue-cured tobacco. Tobacco is a fantastic base flavour, which can be combined with a bevvy of other ingredients to create exciting new concoctions. This 30ml bottle is an appropriate place to start for those who have just quit smoking.

Floral and fruity flavours are too alien for smokers, and won’t help them quit their habit. Tobacco-flavoured e-juice offers them the familiar hit of tobacco while preventing them from falling off the wagon. Depending on the intensity of flavour you like, you can choose a variety of nicotine levels from the selection. Boss blend premium tobacco flavoured e-juice offers an intense yet luscious taste. 

Available in 30ml only, 50/50 PG/VG