Easypuff Vapors - Cheeky Cherry - 30ml

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Cherry is sweet, cherry is tart, and cherry is mild. All of these profiles are waiting to burst out of the 30ml bottle of EasyPuff™ Cheeky Cherry E-Juice and luxuriate your tongue and palate with their charms. The fruity flavour of the carefully crafted e-juice will leave you wanting for more. The tarty undertone compels you to pucker your lips and smack your tongue with every puff out, while your mouth is left watering in anticipation of the next puff in.

Cheeky Cherry Premium E-Juice is designed to hit your taste buds in your tongue and palate with just one whiff. Cherry is a remarkable flavour, which is actually quite aromatic despite being mild on the taste buds. Taking a puff of the premium cherry e-liquid is actually an experience for the senses. ‘Garden-fresh cherries’ is the first thing that hits your mind when you start vaping this amazing e-juice.

Depending on what kind of nicotine hit you are looking for, you can go for low, medium, high or full. The potency of the cherry flavour will also increase as you turn up the dial on the nicotine levels. However, just like fresh cherries, you will only be left with a gentle aftertaste. It’s absolutely heavenly.

Available in 30ml only, 50/50 PG/VG