Easypuff Vapors - Outback Blend - 30ml

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For a purist, there is nothing as sublime as the flavour of authentic and original tobacco. It is subtle, it is smooth, and it just feels right. Indeed, it is the best kind of flavour to try if you have just started out on your vaping journey and, if it is an authentic tobacco flavour you are after, then The EasyPuff™ Outback Blend e-juice is the right choice for you.

It took well over 4 years and a lot of experimentation to create a tobacco blend that is so smooth and rich. You can almost taste the passion of the people who created this concoction. The flavour will transport you to a tobacco farm. The tobacco taste is so fresh, rich, and delicious that every puff you take makes you wonder whether you just picked out the sun-kissed leaves and rolled them up yourselves.

The EasyPuff™ Outback Blend e-juice tobacco brings you the quintessential tobacco flavour in a condensed form. It is also a great additive to pretty much any e-juice flavour. You also get to pick the nicotine level to your liking.

Available in 30ml only, 50/50 PG/VG