Easypuff Vapors - Strawberry Dark - 30ml

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The juicy, savoury, sumptuous strawberry flavour is the most versatile base that can be combined with a variety of other flavours. It can help create eclectic blends that produce fruity explosions in your mouth. On top of it, strawberry in itself is a tremendously popular classic flavour. The dreamy combination of sweetness and just a hint of tart makes it a phenomenal flavour for vapers who do not like it super sweet. The juicy vapours of this evergreen dessert flavour hit your palate with their sweet, smooth, and fruity lusciousness during the puffin. After the puff out, they leave a mouthwatering tart aftertaste on your tongue. This flavour is the stunning combination of sweetness and just the right amount of sharp tanginess that makes for a great vape.

EasyPuff™ has perfected the Strawberry Dark e-Juice after years of trials and improvements. Vapers get to enjoy the splash of fresh strawberries with every puff. There is not a hint of artificial flavour in this e-juice, and neither is it overwhelmingly sweet. The best thing about this e-juice? You don’t have to intake any carbs or fats to enjoy strawberry, unlike the ice creams. That’s a dream come true! 

Available in 30ml only, 50/50 PG/VG