Efest iMate R2 2-Bay Charger

Efest iMate R2 2-Bay Charger

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Gotta Go, No Time To Charge!

The Efest R2 Charger is a latest generation battery charger perfect for vapers. The R2 can charge two 18650, 20700, 21700 or 26650 batteries at up to 2A, and a single battery at 3A! If you use a mod with external batteries, this charger is the perfect entry level charger to make sure you always have a full charge when you hit the road. You can choose the current you want to charge your batteries, the slower you charge them the longer your overall lifespan of your battery is, but sometimes you just need a fresh battery ASAP.

The iMate R2 is compatible with most, if not all lithium Ion vape batteries. 

The iMate R2 uses the USB-C standard as a power supply, so you can plug this charger into most cellphone adapters, computers, game consoles or other devices with a USB output. 


  • 2 Bay Battery Charger
  • 3.0A Max Charge Level
  • LED Backlight Display
  • USB Type-C Powered
  • 0.5A to 3.0A Support
  • Fire Preventative ABS Housing

Handy Tips

Pick up an Efest USB wall charger for a powerful power supply.