Stratus 2 Kits & 10 Pods Bundle (save over 25%)

Stratus 2 Kits & 10 Pods Bundle (save over 25%)

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NZD 179.10 238.80
2x Stratus Kits
10x Stratus Replacement Pods

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A Hassle Free, Affordable & Reliable Compact Pod Kit

What's Available in the Bundle:

2x Stratus Starter Kits

Each Stratus Kit contains:

  • 1x Stratus Pod
  • 3x 50mg (5%) Prefilled Sample Replacement Pods
  • 1x Micro USB Cable

Sample Pods are available in either:

  • ANZAAC, Blackcurrant & Kentucky Gold
  • ANZAAC, Blackcurrant & Ice Cucumber

10x Stratus Pod Packs

Each Replacement Pod Packs contains:

  • 4x 25mg (2.5%) or 50mg (5%) Prefilled Replacement Pods

Replacement Pods are available in:

  • ANZAAC (Buttery Oat Biscuit)
  • Blackcurrant (Fruity)
  • Ice Cucumber (Light & Refreshing)
  • Kentucky Gold (Tobacco)
  • RY4 (Spiced Tobacco)
  • So Fresh So Clean (Menthol)

About Stratus:

The Stratus Pod Kit is one of the most user friendly, easy to use pods on the market. Designed for people looking for a much cheaper, less harmful alternative, the Stratus is a cost-effective device for anyone looking to step away from old habits.

The Stratus is a no-fuss kit, using a pre-filled cartridge system so you don't have to carry extra eliquid bottles and worry about refilling the tiny cartridge - Just discard the spent pod into a rubbish bin and pop a fresh one in - it's that easy!

Each cartridge holds 1ml of nicotine salt eliquid at 50mg, (replacement packs can be bought in 25mg or 50mg) which lasts most users for several days before needing a fresh cartridge. The Pods contain a high strength nicotine formula that is perfect for providing relief from cravings. The cartridges are leak resistant, so there is no need to worry about eliquid ending up where it shouldn't be. 

The battery holds 280mAh and powers a 1.8ohm coil which should get you through most of the day without needing a charge, and charges using USB from flat to full in under half an hour. The Stratus has no buttons and is activated by simply inhaling on the device. 

The Vapourium Stratus has a tiny form factor, fitting easily between your fingers and being light enough to effortlessly hold between your teeth. 

If you want a reliable low-cost nicotine delivery system that doesn't require maintenance or additional peripherals to function, the Stratus is the best in game.


  • 280mAh Battery
  • 1ml Nic Salt Eliquid Capacity
  • 4 Pack Replacement Pods Available in 25mg or 50mg
  • No Button Operation
  • Micro USB Charge
  • Takes Pre-filled Pods
  • Small Form Factor
  • Strong Throat hit

Australian Customers - Due to the expansion and contraction of gases in flight, your Stratus Pods may leak. This is not a faulty product and is an issue we cannot rectify, buying these pods is at your discretion