SV MiPod Pod Kit

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Tiny, Tasty And Satisfying

The MiPod is the second generation of Pod Vape by SV (Smoking Vapor), building and improving on previous designs, tailoring the MiPod to the user. The MiPod has an awesome 950mAh battery, which is pretty considerable for a vape this small, and will see most users through an entire day of vaping on one charge. The MiPod also has a three colour battery indicator, saving you from being caught out with no battery. 

The MiPod has a 2ml eliquid capacity, lasting several hundred puffs before needing a refill, and the refill port is on the base of the pod and features a silicone plug.

The MiPod is an OAS separated device, meaning the eliquid is separate from the airflow, giving the MiPod a unique leak resistant design meaning less lost eliquid and fewer sticky pockets. 

The MiPod has not buttons, and uses a sensor to detect when you inhale, this can be great for saving battery and ensuring you dont accidentally burn your coil by forgetting to lock the fire button. 

All in all, the MiPod is a great device for people looking for a less harmful alternative, and people looking for a top quality, user friendly, easy to use, tiny vape.

The Mi-pod would be an excellent choice for use with either nic salts or higher mg regular nicotine eliquid.  


  • 950mAh battery capacity
  • 2ml eliquid capacity
  • Small form factor
  • Air and eliquid separated for a leak resistant pod
  • USB charge
  • LED battery indicator