Uwell Whirl-S Kit

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Dark Grey

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A Pen For All Day Flavour!

The Uwell Whirl-S is an awesome 20mm diameter pen-style vape for people looking for a versatile all day vape to take on the go. 

Uwell have developed a hearty reputation for making some of the most leak resistant, flavoursome tanks on the market, and this no nonsense starter kit brings you the best of it without bulking out your pockets on your smoko.

The Uwell Whirl-S is lightweight, building on the previous Whirl pen with a few massive improvements including a redesigned tank section which is held in the pen with a powerful magnet, using less glass and less prone to cracking or breaking if its inevitably dropped.

The Whirl-S takes the latest generation of coils which are held in place with O-rings, which prevent leaks and degradation over time you get with conventional threaded coils. The Whirl-S also uses a mesh instead of a conventional coil, which means longer coil life and better flavour. 

The Whirl-S has a 1450mAh battery which should get most users through the day and it charges using a USB-C port on the battery. The Battery should charge in about an hour and a half from flat to full. 

All in all, the leak resistance, durability and portable size make this device a perfect companion whether you are cutting down or quitting, or if you just want something a little more compact that still performs. 

Kit Includes

  • 1 x Whirl-S Starter kit
  • 1 x Pack Of O-Rings
  • 2 x UN2 0.8ohm Coil ( 1 Preinstalled) 
  • 1 x USB-C Cable

Handy Tips

The Uwell Whirl-S takes Whirl-S coils available here.