Vape Organics - Apple Caramelo - 30ml

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E-Liquid Flavor with Notes of Crisp, Juicy Apples and Sweet Caramel

Made using 100% VG using natural extracts rather than flavouring.

Apple Caramelo is a blend of mouthwatering flavors sure to satisfy even the most avid vaper’s palette. The initial flavor is of crisp, juicy Granny Smith apples, perfectly balanced in the transition to the smooth, sweet taste of caramel on the exhale. Created using only premium quality organic extracts, it’s especially popular with vapers making the transition from synthetic to natural e-liquids.
Vape Organics are the first to offer organic e-liquids that are USDA-certified. Vape Organics mission is to create truly superior e-liquids using only the best, sustainably-sourced organic and vegan ingredients. Since there was no organic nicotine available, Vape Organics decided to formulate their own. Extracted in-house from certified organic tobacco grown on U.S. soil, Vape Organics e-liquids contain the only organic liquid nicotine in the world, ensuring the product is completely free of PG and other petroleum-derived solvents.