Vape Organics - Cafè Latte - 30ml

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E-Juice Flavor with Notes of Freshly Brewed Coffee and Sweet Cream

Made using 100% VG using natural extracts rather than flavouring.

A uniquely authentic coffee vape featuring a blend of three specialty coffee bean varieties paired with hints of sweet cream. Strong and dark but slightly sweet, you may be surprised that a flavor profile this bold and rich is created using only natural and organic plant-based extracts.
Vape Organics are the first to offer organic e-liquids that are USDA-certified. Vape Organics mission is to create truly superior e-liquids using only the best, sustainably-sourced organic and vegan ingredients. Since there was no organic nicotine available, Vape Organics decided to formulate their own. Extracted in-house from certified organic tobacco grown on U.S. soil, Vape Organics e-liquids contain the only organic liquid nicotine in the world, ensuring the product is completely free of PG and other petroleum-derived solvents.