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Vapourium Stratus Pods - Ode - Lucé - 4 Pack (AUS Only)

Vapourium Stratus Pods - Ode - Lucé - 4 Pack (AUS Only)

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Ode Luce Flavoured Stratus Pods (AUS Only)

Ode Lucé is golden, light, Virginia style with hints of sweet sun-cured leaf

Brought to you by Aotearoa Vape Solutions, the Ode range has been developed for lovers of tobacco bringing you the deep aromatic and earthy notes that people are looking for in a tobacco e-liquid. 

After years of working with people beginning to transition away from smoking and toward vaping, we found a common denominator for many was a dislike of the sweet taste that comes from the vegetable glycerin base.

The Ode range strays away from using artificial flavourings and sweeteners giving you a true smokey experience relying on a natural extraction process for an authentic experience.

Ode is just that. A natural realistic taste that harkens to its origins, Nicotiana.

Full-bodied and rich with bitter, pungent notes, like the original plant.

Experience the natural cured taste in a less harmful way.

Australian Customers - Due to the expansion and contraction of gases in flight, your Stratus Pods may leak. This is not a faulty product and is an issue we cannot rectify, buying these pods is at your discretion.

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