Cloud Therapy - Dr Dragons Blood - 120ml

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Subtle Yet Fresh, With A Dreamy Ice-Cream Finish!

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but this doctor is bringing something different to the table. A subtly fruity dessert profile, this dreamy Dragonfruit Icecream flavour will bring joy to those who love a fruit and cream vape. A little tropical, and a lot of velvety clouds for you - It's just what the doctor ordered. 

( Disclaimer: The doctor is a fictional character. Dragons are real though.)

All our eliquid is made in New Zealand's first clean room for eliquid manufacture, it's a first-rate facility. We use only pharmaceutical or food-grade ingredients from trusted suppliers. The Cloud Therapy range is made with quality vegetable glycerine. 

All our eliquid is made to the highest standards in our Class 7 ISO 146441:1, 14644:3 clean room.