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Pure Salts - Pineapple Guava (ex-Feijoa) - 30ml

Pure Salts - Pineapple Guava (ex-Feijoa) - 30ml

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Simple, Pure Feijoa Eliquid!

Feijoa, pineapple guava, guavasteen - whatever you want to call it, feijoa is freakin' tasty! and Pure Feijoa will fill the bill for any feijoa fans out there.

For those unfamiliar with feijoa, imagine taking strawberries, pineapple, and guava and just smashing them into one. And if you don't know what guava tastes like, just forget it and enjoy this delicious feijoa eliquid. It's the goods!

Pure Feijoa Nic Salts are available in 60ml Low-mg Salts (0, 3 & 6mg) and 30ml High-mg Nic Salt (12, 25 & 40mg) and is 60:40 VG/PG. 

All of our e-liquid is made to the highest standards in our Class 7 ISO 146441:1, 14644:3 clean room.

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